Work at height

TRAINING description

Many workers are called upon to perform work at heights that often represent a high risk of accidents if concrete procedures are not applied. Every year, several accidents are caused by falls from heights. It is therefore essential to implement safe work procedures and ensure that they are applied according to standards.


-  The applicable laws and regulations

-  Risks related to falls

-  Fall prevention strategies

-  Collective protective devices

-  Personal protective devices

-  Choosing the appropriate fall-arresting device

-  Inspection, maintenance and storage of fall-arresting devices

-  Connection systems

-  Anchor points

-  Safe use of portable ladders and stepladders

-  Basic notions of safety for work with scaffolding

-  Basic notions of safety for work with aerial basket lifting devices

-  Basic notions of safety for lifting a worker with a lift truck

TRAINING duration

5h00 (classroom)

2h00 (online)