WHMIS 2015 Express

TRAINING description

Since the WHMIS 2015 came into force on june 2015, your business could receive a dangerous product with a WHMIS 2015 compliant label at any time. This OHS course presents the new dispositions and particularities of this regulation as well as the methods to use it properly in your workspace to reduce risks of accidents. In Canada, the disclosure of information relating to the dangers of products as well as the training of workers are regulated by the WHMIS. In june 2015, this regulation was revised to introduce GHS concepts (Globally Harmonized System) in order to standardize classification and labelling practices globally, allowing for a better flow of information as well as ensuring more safety for employees requiring to manipulate these products. It is therefore essential to informer and train your employees as soon as possible if WHMIS 2015 labelled products are used within your business.


Module 1 : Introduction to WHMIS after GHS

- Know the origins of WHMIS;

- Identify the components of WHMIS;

- Identify the laws regarding WHMIS;

- Understand the responsibilities of the stakeholders involved in WHMIS.

Module 2 : Physical hazards classes

- Understanding the role and importance of the security data sheets;

- Understanding the first section of the security data sheets.

Module 3 : Health hazards classes

- Understanding section 2 of the security data sheets.

Module 4 : Security data sheets

- Understanding sections 3 to 16 of the security data sheets.

Module 5 : Labels

- Identifying the different labels affixed on dangerous products containers;

- Know the elements which must appear on labels;

- Producing a workplace or employer label.

Employees and managers
TRAINING duration

1 hour for the five modules