WHMIS 2015

TRAINING description

This occupational health and safety (OHS) training covers the new regulations adopted on June 3, 2015 in Québec. In the case of products identified under the former WHMIS regulations, refer to our WHMIS 1988 training (WHMIS before the GHS). Ever since WHMIS 2015 came into force, your business, at any time, could receive a hazardous product bearing a label in compliance with these new regulations. This training presents the new provisions and particularities of this regulation and how to use it in the workplace to reduce accident risks.


Introduction to the WHMIS after the GHS

-   Know the origins of the WHMIS

-  Identify the components of the WHMIS

-  Identify the laws related to the WHMIS

-  Understand the responsibilities of the stakeholders involved in the WHMIS

Classes of physical hazards

-   Understand the importance of the role of the safety data sheets

-   Understand the first section of the safety data sheets

Classes of health hazards

-  Understand section 2 of the safety data sheets

Safety data sheets

-  Understand sections 3 to 16 of the safety data sheets


-   Identify the different labels affixed to containers of hazardous products

-  Know the elements that must appear on the labels

-   Develop a workplace label or an employer label

Employees and managers
TRAINING duration