The essentials of Quebec OHS regulation

TRAINING description

The Regulation respecting occupational health and safety (ROHS) brings together all the standards to be respected to ensure workers’ health and safety. Applicable to all workplaces, it is the reference tool for prevention of industrial accidents in Québec. Given the large volume of sections, this online training covers the essential of the Regulation to provide a complete overview of the standards to be respected. The online training “The essential of the Québec ROHS” is recognized by the Barreau du Québec for the purposes of mandatory continuing education, for a period of 4 hours. For the purposes of reporting training hours, the activity number of #10080112.


Workplace layout, ladders and stepladders

-  Know the obligations concerning workplace layout: guardrails, access routes and passageways, workplace maintenance, ladders and stepladders.

-  Identify certain compliant and non-complaint situations

Air quality, respiratory protection and storage of hazardous materials

-  Emergency safety measures

-  Air quality

-  Personal respiratory protective equipment

-  Combustible dusts and dry materials

-  Storage and handling of hazardous materials

Heat stress, noise, radiations, machines and special ergonomic measures

-  Heat stress

-  Noise

-  Hazardous radiations

-  Special ergonomic measures

-  Machines

Handling material, confined space, welding, cutting and personal protective equipment

-  Handling and transporting material

-  Piling of materials

-  Work in a confined space

-  Welding and cutting

-  Work with special risks

-  Individual or collective protective means and equipment

Employees and managers
TRAINING duration

5h00 (classroom)

4h00 (online)