Respiratory protection

TRAINING description

This occupational health and safety (OHS) training provides workers with the necessary knowledge to ensure their safety when using respiratory protective devices.


-  Responsibilities of the different stakeholders

-  Applicable laws and regulations

-  CSA Z94.4-02

-  Nature, characteristics and effects of contaminants

-  Exposure standards in Québec:

     -  Weighted Average Exposure Value (WAEV)

     -  Short-Term Exposure Value (STEV)

     -  Ceiling Value (CV)

     -  Situation immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH)

-  Types, operation and restrictions of respiratory protective equipment (RPE);

     -  Air-supplied equipment

     -  Air purification equipment

-  Assigned protection factors (APF)

-  Adjustment and use of RPE

-  Inspection, maintenance and storage of RPE

-  Qualitative and quantitative adjustment tests

Employees and managers
TRAINING duration