Manual handling of loads

TRAINING description

During manual handling of loads, the risk of musculoskeletal injuries is very present. Although it is impossible to eliminate all these risks related to occupational health and safety (OHS), it is possible to reduce their frequency and severity. This training seeks to understand the anatomy of the back, its mechanical principles and the hazards associated with poor posture. It also deals with the means of preventing back pain and best practices for safe manual handing of loads. It suggests a series of simple exercises to avoid workplace injuries.


Anatomy, physiology and back pain

-  Know the components of the back and understand how it functions

-  Understand back pain

-  Know the risk factors related to back pain

Biomechanics and work postures

-  Under the biomechanics of the back

-  Understand the work postures to apply and avoid

-  Know the right work methods

Preventive exercises and lumbar belt

-  Know how to differentiate between warm-up and stretching exercises

-  Know the preventive back exercises to perform at work

-  Know the preventive back exercises to perform at home 

Employees and managers
TRAINING duration

2h30 (classroom)

2h00 (online)