Lockout for a safe work

TRAINING description

Lockout is a work method that consists of preventing industrial accidents by eliminating the accidental activation of a machine by means of a padlock. In particular, the lockout procedure reduces the risks of electric shock and movement of parts during maintenance or repair work. This occupational health and safety (OHS) training makes workers aware of the importance of lockout in the workplace, presents the related statutory sections and describes the steps of an efficient and safe procedure for workers.


Importance of lockout in the workplace

-  Make workers and employers aware of the vital importance of lockout

-  Know the employers’ obligations

-  Know the workers’ obligations

-  Learn the penal consequences of the absence of lockout

Sections  185 and 186 of the ROHS

-  Know sections 185 and 186 of the ROHS

-  Know the scope of application of each section

-  Identify a danger zone

The lockout procedure

-  Know and understand the steps of a lockout procedure

-  Verify the contents of your lockout procedure

-  Apply the sequence of the lockout procedure

Employees and managers
TRAINING duration

2h30 (classroom)

2h00 (online)