Inspection, compliance and workplace health

TRAINING description

The workplace inspection process is an essential business activity, because it allows the identification, control and elimination of occupational health and safety (OHS) risks present in the workplace. This training addresses basic notions of planned inspection of the workplace, presenting the importance of the inspection activity, the requirements for implementation of a workplace inspection procedure, and the conditions for success of this process.


Module 1

-  Definition of inspection

-  Types of inspections

-  Prevention activity

-  Supervision of workplace inspection

-  Responsibilities of the players involved

Module 2

-  Inspection methodology

-  Tips and advice

-  Items to inspect

-  Non-compliance, hazards and consequences

-  Principle of observation

-  Zero tolerance

Module 3

-  Types of control measures

-  Follow-up of corrective actions

-  Follow-up of performance of inspections and corrective actions

-  Retention of documentation

Employees and managers
TRAINING duration