Forklift operator

TRAINING description

The practical portion is mandatory to obtain a lift truck operator’s permit. Since January 2007, the ROHS has stipulated that it is mandatory to provide on-the-job lift truck operator training to all lift truck operators. The first part of this training is theoretical and given online. It will allow the learner to become familiar with the laws and regulations in force, the different lift truck safety operation rules, and defensive driving. After the theoretical training, practical training will be provided in partnership with Équipements E.M.U (French content only). under the supervision of a certified trainer with several years of experience. The Company has a large fleet of lift trucks allowing them to train future lift truck operators on all product lines. A lift truck operator permit in the form of a plasticized card is issued when the learner completes these two components successfully.


Module 1

-  Know the applicable laws and regulations

-  Know the features of a lift truck

-  Know the general principles of lift truck stability

Module 2

-  Know how to read a capacity plate

-  Know the safe techniques for using a lift truck

-  Know the particularities and techniques for use of a forklift

TRAINING duration