Early childhood education services - Face winter safely

TRAINING description

This training was carried out in collaboration with the Quebec Council of Early Childhood Education Services (CQSEPE). The objective is to make educators aware of good occupational health and safety practices to adopt in childcare settings during outdoor activities in winter. The training covers, in particular, the safe shoveling of snow, clothing, safety around the yard, frostbite, slips and exits, as well as the storage of winter games.

  • Know the safe shoveling techniques;
  • Be able to choose the right clothing according to the temperature and avoid frostbite;
  • Know the correct techniques in order to secure the court and avoid injuries;
  • Know the safety rules to be applied during walks, slides and other outings and outdoor activities;
  • Knowing how to store outdoor games in an ergonomic way to avoid injuries.
Employees and managers
TRAINING duration

15 min