Confined spaces

TRAINING description

A confined space is a totally or partially enclosed space with restricted entrance and exit routes and which is not designed to be occupied by persons except to perform a task. This training informs workers and employers about the occupational health and safety (OHS) risks associated with confined spaces and presents the prevention means and measures to be deployed to perform safe work.


Definitions and obligations

-  Identify a confined space

-  Know the employer’s obligations

-  Know the worker’s obligations

-  Know the legal consequences resulting from the absence of a confined space management program

Risks and prevention measures

-  Know the nature of the risks in confined spaces

-  Know the atmospheric, physical and biological risks that may be encountered in confined spaces

-  Know the main prevention measures concerning the risks present in confined spaces

Preparation before the beginning of the work

-  Know the resources, operations, procedures and programs to follow

-  Know the information that must be noted and retained concerning entering a confined space

-  Know the role and responsibilities of the entrant and the spotter

-  Know the types of rescue and the contents of a rescue plan

TRAINING duration

6h00 (classroom)

2h00 (online)