École d’Entrepreneuriat de Québec : Starting its compagny in safe place

Quebec City, March 26, 2015 – The unmissable École d’entrepreneuriat de Québec will soon open its doors and welcome its first cohort in early May. The recruitment process is in full gear, and the team of experienced trainers is looking for motivated people with business ideas who want to come up with ways to bring their projects to fruition.


The École d’entrepreneuriat de Québec is one of the initiatives under the Espace Entreprendre umbrella launched in August by Cégep Garneau. The École is the outcome of a joint effort by all of the organizations dedicated to supporting entrepreneurship in the national capital. “With our partners, we imagined a continuum of services in one single location that would bring all of their separate interventions together in a coherent approach, and that would provide step by step guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs,” explained École d’entrepreneuriat de Québec Director Carol Gilbert, who coordinated the consultations and development work on the innovative model.


The École will accommodate approximately twenty people, whose assignment will be to work on their respective business projects. Each of them will be financially supported by a seasoned entrepreneur who will serve as their mentor, sharing his or her expertise, bringing to life the trainee’s entrepreneurial potential, and fostering the development of their passions. The three to six month program will immerse future entrepreneurs in their projects on a full-time basis.


The École d'entrepreneuriat de Québec is for anyone who is serious and motivated to start a business or to propel an existing one. It offers a unique environment that really optimizes the chances of success. No tests, nor report cards: the only diploma is the business created. The school’s innovative approach will give participants the opportunity to share the knowledge of well-known trainers from the business world, and to build up a solid business network. All of this will take place in a fully redesigned professional physical setting that provides effective computer tools and is adapted to the universe of entrepreneurship. A stimulating and creative environment that is conducive to collaboration, which is instrumental to success. Be part of the first cohort of the École d’entrepreneuriat de Québec.


Registrations and information sessions :

 www.ecoleentrepreneuriat.com or 418-688-8312



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