When SMEs invest in entrepreneurship

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Quebec City, December 15, 2015 – École d’entrepreneuriat de Québec is an initiative of Cégep Garneau. It’s a great idea that originates from a group of business people who believe they can change things. Interview with a patron.


“When we commit to a cause, it’s because we want to make a difference. We then have to act strategically and target our efforts to a problem that concerns us deeply, a subject in which we believe.” This is the position of the President of Medial Services-Conseil-SST, Marcel Curodeau, who accepts to contribute his time, his competencies, his business network and, of course, his money. Both in philanthropy and in business, people take action to see results! “The succession shortage in Québec businesses is alarming. We need to act!”


“Many of my employees are college-educated. The CEGEPs train competent young people and help my business succeed. When Cégep Garneau wanted to start its École d’entrepreneuriat, I knew it would have to be completely self-financing. I got involved in Fondation du Cégep Garneau, and acted as a catalyst.We now have a core group of people engaged in the cause of entrepreneurship in Québec City“.


École d’entrepreneuriat de Québec welcomes people who want to develop their business or go into business. The School supports and trains them. Their business project is built with the help of advisors and mentors during this period, which lasts over 6 months. The curriculum is demanding, but the School adapts to the availability of these entrepreneurs and opens its services days and evenings 7 days a week.  The School offers each student different tools, including a portfolio of services from firms specializing in marketing, accounting, legal aspects, etc.


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