MEDIAL becomes the first company certified as an Elite “Healthy Enterprise”

Thursday, March 19, 2009 – It’s a fact, and a meaningful one at that: MEDIAL Conseil Santé Sécurité Inc. is now an Elite Level “Healthy Enterprise”. It is the very first organization to obtain the “Healthy Enterprise” certification from the Bureau de Normalisation du Québec, all certification levels combined!


This first world standard (BNQ 9700-800: 2008) for workplace wellness is the answer when it comes to meeting the needs and expectations of human resources wishing to work for companies that value both physical and mental health. Moreover, the business is awarded a distinctive brand, a sign of quality, and openly declares its investment in four areas of activity related to wellness in the workplace: employee habits, work environment, work-personal life reconciliation and sound management practices. 


This achievement, which entails meeting the Elite Level “Healthy Enterprise” standard, came about with the help of an employee hired for this specific project. In addition, an exhaustive questionnaire covering the four areas of activity was developed and then automated to guarantee the confidentiality of the data.  Two health and wellness committees (Québec and Laval) were set up, and given the mandate to review the data collection results and propose the set of solutions to be followed to promote health and wellness in the workplace.


Eight interventions (three related to employee habits, one related to work-personal life reconciliation, one related to the work environment and three related to management practices) were suggested to management, and all were accepted. MEDIAL also decided to go beyond the standard’s requirements by introducing annual data collections (the requirement being every two years), and choosing eight interventions, instead of the four stipulated in the “Healthy Enterprise” standard.


Nothing was left to chance: MEDIAL invested time, money, resources and imagination in implementing a Health and Wellness program and setting very high corporate standards. This implementation process wrapped up on February 4 and 10 with the certification audit.  Two weeks later, we proudly received the news that MEDIAL had obtained the Elite Level “Healthy Enterprise” certification. Our employees immediately welcomed the announcement, given that it was the first in the world, a clear indication of the significant progress that would mark workplace wellness in Quebec and around the world.  By the same token, MEDIAL would like to thank and acknowledge its employees and managers for their role in this fine success. 


This certification gives MEDIAL unique expertise for helping and supporting businesses that would like to implement the “Healthy Enterprise” standard.

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